Monday, 30 May 2011

Spain Is Lovely, What Protests? Says EU

Rio: EU Officials, mmeeting at the EU Commission's offices in Dublin today, stated that Spain is lovely.
"We love Spain, it's very warm and produces very good tomatoes and cured meats. The people are very friendly and their paella is super."
When questioned about the EU's response to the wave of peaceful protests that has,  swept first Spain and has now moved out across Europe, the offcials read from a prepared statement,

"Spain is wonderful, it has nice mountains, some great cyclists and very good olive oil. We are unaware of any protests. Protests? What is this 'protests'? There were some crazies violently sitting down smiling in the sun in Barcelona but the Stormtroopers sorted that out. I haven't heard of any Spanish Revolution, or European Revolution and neither has our media. You're barking up the wrong tree there, sonny Jim! Everyone loves Spain and Spain loves everyone. Some EU and CIA 'advisers' have gone to Spain but they are just there for the sangria. Europe begins in the Pyrenees you know."


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