Monday, 23 May 2011

Enda Kenny: US President is black! I don't mind

Rio: Late last night, it has emerged , the Taoiseach received word that President Barack Obama is, in fact, an African American. The shock news is said to have hit the Fine Gael party hard. In an extraordinary outburst the Taoiseach is said to have demanded to know why his aides had not alerted him to this fact. It appears that the Taoiseach was under the impression, when he met the President in March, that the President was in fancy dress costume for the St Patrick's Day festival in Washington.

"Jaysus lads, sure I thought he was just some sort of a 'divil' or what have ye", Enda is said to have raged last night. In a statement this morning, the former blueshirted Fine Gael party said, "It's too late now. We were not given full information by the former government. Now that we can see the full picture, obviously, it's a difficult situation for us, as a party. We will put a good face on it and of course, he is a Christian, that's definite. Basically, we don't mind as he'll only be here for a day. Some of our members were Thin Lizzy fans. We've come a long way since the days of Eoin O'Duffy."
When questioned, the party spokesman admitted that Minister for Mouthing About Everything, Leo Varadkar had not been informed of the situation and would be kept in lockdown for the next twenty four hours.

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