Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Cllr Darren Scully : I Will Not Represent White Europeans

Rio: Cllr Darren Scully has sparked fresh controversy this morning with more news of those whom he is unwilling to represent. He stated,  in an interview aired on Kildare based, KKK radio station, this morning that he is no longer willing to represent white continental Europeans.
A White European Shows Aggression At Not Being Represented

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Cllr Darren Scully: "I'm No Wog Hater"

Rio: Following the furore that has blown up around comments made by, Fine Gael Councillor and Mayor of Naas, Darren Scully, the Taoiseach, Enda Kenny, made a statement to the waiting press outside Nicolas Sarkozy's bedroom today. The Taoiseach had come under pressure to explain the statement made by Mr Scully, on radio, that he would no longer represent, (as a councillor) "black Africans" as, in his former dealings with them, (when he did represent them), they were very "rude" and showed "bad manners". They also "played the race card".

A Man Who Will Not Be Represented By Cllr Darren Scully

Friday, 18 November 2011

Shock: Enda Kenny Being Treated For Chronic Fury

Rio: The Irish Independent is reporting tonight that Taoiseach, Enda Kenny, has been rushed to hospital. The reason for his admission to hospital was shrouded in secrecy. However, privately, friends are saying that it is due to an acute phase of his, often reported, Chronic Fury.

A Furious Enda Enters Hospital

Enda Kenny Fury: Paedo Priests Leaked Budget Info To Germans

Rio: Taoiseach Enda Kenny is furious again. Aspects of the Irish 2012 budget were discussed, publicly in the German parliament, many weeks before the budgetary details will be made available to the Irish parliament. In a speech, which is already being hailed as his Second Great Paedo Deflection Speech, in the Dail today, Mr Kenny expressed his anger.
Enda Fingers Angela Merkel Yesterday

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Arab League Lends Voice To Calls For President To Go

 Rio: The Arab League has lent its voice to the call of millions around the world, telling the President and the Government that it's time for real change.
A President Today

Sunday, 13 November 2011

EU/IMF/US Welcome Implementation Of Democratic Dictatorship In Greece

Rio: The thrilling news that Greece has started to resolve its financial problems, through  a decision to change its Prime Minister from an elected politician to an unelected banker, has been met with warm praise from World Emperors. Speaking from the World Emperors' Spa in Haiti, various Emperors reacted enthusiastically to the news that Lucas Papademos is to be the new PM of Greece.

Greeks Celebrate The New Democratic Dictatorship In Athens Today

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Greek Referendum Crisis: Nicolas Merkel Suggests 'Eat A Greek' Solution

Rio: PornCrabCombo has been given privileged access to people close to the protaganists in the Greek debt saga. Emperor of Europe, Nicolas Merkel summoned Greek Prime Minister, George Papandreou, to Cannes to pay homage and explain his recent extraordinary behaviour in offering the Greek people an opinion on their imminent demise, in the form of a referendum.

George Papandreou And His Adviser Today