Sunday, 15 May 2011

Eurovision, ECB, IMF,The Queen of England, Barack Obama

Rio: Stick yer votes, yer loans and yer visits up yizzer arses. Jedward won so we'll just make a trophy here in the Emerald Isle and we'll make it a lot better than that yoke going back to Baku. German engineering me arse. ECB and IMF, Ireland's not for sale, it belongs to us. That's my airport and those are my forests. Raping countries or chambermaids, you clearly don't know that no means no.
The Queen of England, your own populace are thick enough to keep paying for you and your family to live in idle luxury. I'm not prepared to pay for you to do the same here. I'm literally paying the IMF and the ECB to borrow money that'll be spent on fine dinners for your arse to widen a bit more and to keep you alive here while you eat those dinners.If you want to visit and remain breathing why don't you pay the 25 million euros it's taking to do that? You can better afford it than I can. The last member of your family who wouldn't pay for his own security ended up decorating the waters off Sligo as far as far as |I recall. If you're set on coming here, stump up the sponds or stay at home and sponge off your usual victims. Barack Obama, you have a great name, you're intelligent and you promised so much but guess what? Nothing's changed. You stand over lies, you invade other people's countries, you leave the Palestinians to live in an effective concentration camp and you still haven't closed your own one, ( also in someone else's country). I've had enough of this crap, all of yiz go back to whatever pit yiz crawled out of and fuck off while you're doing it. We've got a new anthem here, We've got our lipstick on, here we come, dum de dum. Beat that? I don't think so!

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