Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Ireland Presents Moneygall to Obama

Rio: The residents of Moneygall, still exhilarated by the visit of US President, Barack Obama, awoke to the news that Enda Kenny has given the village, including all residents, as a gift to the President.
"Look, this was only right and proper. He's just super cool, or uber cool as we say in Europe. We gifted the County of Cork to the Queen. I was excited by her but Jaysus, she was blown out of the water,(no Mountbatten pun intended), by this fella Obama.
He's gorgeous altogether and he's black, would you believe? His teeth dazzled me. He had me shrieking like a stuck pig in College Green on Monday evening. And that was before he said, "is feidir linn"!
I passed out. Did yiz hear him? He said "Is feidir linn" His teeth. And his eyes. Jaysus the eyes. I love him.", the Taoiseach babbled outside Leinster House, this morning.
Henry Healy, likeable King of Moneygall was surprised by the news but said that the people of Moneygall would be happy to be owned by Barack Obama.
"We are in love with him. Have you seen his teeth? We got to smell him, we Moneygallians. We'd be happy to be owned by him. We gave him a Moneygallian spring baby for dinner. Have you see his eyes?"

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