Sunday, 15 May 2011

How Eurovision Once Changed The World

Rio: You'll remember the moment of which I speak Tippi. You were in Berlin, I was in a beautiful French town. It was Eurovision night. Same old same old at home. No jobs  blah, blah. We were very good at lots of things, you me, everyone else in Ireland but we just weren't getting any payback for it. Much like ourselves Tippi, with our talents and beauty going unrecognised, Ireland was not getting credit for her beauty and talents. Except of course, at the Eurovision. At the Eurovision , we were tops.
 We just won Eurovision, fact. By 1994 we had won it a total of 75 times. So, in 1994, the Eurovision was being held in Dublin because, naturally, we'd won it the year before. It was all going well. We were the rock 'n' roll kids that year. Nice enough song. Everything was going grand. Nothing much to report. Then, the interval piece came up. Please think back to last night's interval performance in Dusseldorf to assess just how big this moment in 1994 was. Next to that bland Euro pop shite, what happened next, shook the world. They announced, "The Riverdance"! No one expecting much. Some choral type singing started with a group of singers over in a corner looking mysterious. Then really nice harp music started. Then, this woman appeared with very long legs and beautiful red hair started Irish dancing around the stage. Then there were drums and a flashy looking loon burst onto the stage, tip tapping around like a maniac. Then the two of them did dancing making eyes at each other. They were doing sexy Irish dancing, the music had me in a trance it was so lovely. Then loads of them dressed in black with very short skirts appeared. Eventually, there were loads of them, probably about 5000 of them on the stage. I started crying. They wouldn't stop, tip tapping away furiously, all in time. When it was getting near the end, you could see on their faces, they were starting to smile. They all knew that we were all sitting watching it with our mouths open, tears rolling down our faces. Especially, if we'd had a few. They were a crowd of fairies performing magic on the world. We spoke on the phone immediately afterwards. Everyone wanted to start Irish dancing lessons. We all knew we had witnessed a glitch in the space time continuum. The crowd in Dublin went  mental. We won the Eurovision that year as well. We beat Italy in the World Cup in the US. After that Danoli was winning all round him. Riverdance went round the world as a show. It employed loads of people. It was that Eurovision in 1994 that started the big change for Ireland. It started the Celtic Tiger. I know there were lots of things wrong with the Celtic Tiger but for a few years there, we were having a really deadly time. And it was that 1994 Eurovision that did it Tippi. So, that's why we needed to win last night. That's why it's so upsetting to be robbed like that. Check my Collar, collar. Why don't we, as powerful bloggers just declare Jedward the winners? Like New Wave Beauty, we can set trends, we don't follow them. Yes, Tippi, Jedward won!!! Ireland rules.

Rio: I'm not taking the piss Tippi, that last comment of yours made me laugh and cry. You are so right, Tippi. That is what we're about. Those hen and stag nights, that's what they were here for. All hoping they could pretend they were us! Yiz aren't and you'll never be!!! That made me laugh but the rest made me cry in that Riverdance way. You tell it like it is sister.

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