Friday, 15 June 2012

Euro 2012: Fields Of Athenry Tops Charts in Spain And Germany

Rio: The Irish ballad,The Fields of Athenry, has topped the pop charts in both Spain and Germany today. The Spanish Soccer team has adopted the well loved folk ballad as their official team song and this is the suspected cause of its meteoric rise to the top of the charts since last night.

Low Lying Fields Today

 A spokesperson for the Spanish team, Manuel Garcia, said to day, "We heard this beautiful, almost heavenly, sound start to rise in the stadium, we realised the hand of God was indeed part of the action as the beautiful sound got louder and louder. Our team started knocking them in, one after the other. Every action of the players was timed to perfection, the ball stuck to their feet until it was masterfully kicked away into the Irish goal and ever higher and higher, went the song. That song makes us win big time. We love it." A spokesperson for Germany Music GMBH(A Deutsche Bank Corporation), said today, "It's been a bit of a phenomenon really. We just loved watching the Irish sing and get drunk in the face of a hammering. The single release here will be accompanied by a video montage of Irish fans happily singing and losing. We want to hold the Irish up as an example to all Europeans of people taking their medicine and eating it, with a smile upon their faces and a genial glint in their eyes. Little green funsters. Low Lie, Low Lie, Low Lie...."
Commenting on the new found fame of the song, radio personality and arbiter of good Irish taste, Joe Duffy said, "Awwww you can see it, can't you, you can feel it, can't you? We're coming back to ourselves. We're on the up. This is what we're good at. We stood out there and showed that last night. The Fields of Athenry is a song about a downtrodden poor man, destroyed by the grind of living under the rule of a colonial imperialist government. He gets transported away from his wife and children, to work as an indentured servant or slave, for stealing some food from a rich foreign landlord to feed his starving family. Now that's very fitting. That's what we're good at, singing The Fields of Athenry. It'd bring a tear to your eye."

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