Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Nicolas Sarkozy: Spain? Spain? What is This 'Spain'?

Rio: Asked, yesterday, for his opinion on the Spanish Revolution which has already spread to his own country, resulting in clashes with police in Paris, Nicolas Sarkozy appeared confused,
"Spay in, you say? Span, no? Spa in, is it? No, no, I'm sorry I'm not familiar?
 My Eeenglish is maybe not so good as I thought eh? L'Espa nyeh? L'Espay nee, no, still not getting it. Write it down please. Oh, L'Espagne! Spain! No, never heard of it. Part of the EU, you say? Please, do not take me for a fool Monsieur, I am Emperor of All Europe and I know that what's South of the Pyrenees is the Dark Continent. The less said about that the better. No, there has never been, nor will there ever be, anything European, South of the Pyrenees. You must be talking about Morocco, one of my colonies, perhaps? There are indeed protests there but that's because they don't have democracy there. Not European democracy. There are baddies all over Africa but not in Europe. I wear high heels you know so I can see very, very far indeed and I see no protests anywhere near Europe. All in Africa. Dirty dirty Africa."

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