Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Maturity and the Queen

Rio: I'm getting more than a little tired Tippi. In fact, I'm exhausted trying to live up to this "new maturity" our own media and politicians kept telling us has descended upon our population. It appears that this "new maturity" means you lie down while holding up a Union Jack. So a certain someone gets to see the flag she loves but not the faces of the people who she and her family fucked over for generations.
 Now, as I said in a previous post I'm not getting into the 700 years of oppression but it appears that if you have an objection to this fool visiting on any grounds, you're being immature. It's immature to wonder how we can afford 25 million to keep her alive but we can't afford Special Needs Assistants. It's immature to wonder why we're welcoming someone who represents the destruction of the lives and cultures of billions from Africa to Asia. It's immature to wonder why we're paying for the antithesis of democracy to come and speak to us at a time when we are reeling from the discovery that our own democracy is broken. It's immature to wonder how people seeing a country in security lockdown with 10,000 police guarding her is going to do much for our tourist industry. It's immature to wonder why we're welcoming someone who is known to wipe her fanny on the hand towel when she's finished peeing. It's immature to wonder why we're letting someone come here who also wipes her arse with her finger and writes ElizabethR in fancy shit calligraphy on the walls of toilet cubicles every time she goes out foreign. It's disgusting but true. Guess I'm just really immature then.


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