Thursday, 5 May 2011

Skin Picking and Its Potential to Halt One's Upward Climb on the Fame Ladder

Rio: Mrs, you know the way I've always been an avid skin picker? I pick when there's little or nothing there until I develop a red lump, then I'll keep going until it bleeds or exudes some kind of liquid. Then, I'll detach the scabby bit on at least a daily basis until my body's healing process speeds up to the extent that it speeds past my attacks and starts to heal. I don't try to inflict pain, in fact, I stop if it hurts. I do it mostly when my hands are otherwise idle but I have stuff on my mind. Recently, it has come to my attention that this is part of OCD. I don't believe that nor do I believe it's self harm but I am starting to wonder if that could be impairing my ability to become famous. What do you think? I'm, obviously, very, very beautiful. I'm, clearly, very, very talented. So, what's the problem? Could this be it? I'm impairing my beauty with my skin picking much like Claudia Schiffer would, were she to get a swastika tatooed to her face. I was just thinking about this and realised that you too enjoy the odd pick. I think this could be it. As simple as that, we're picking ourselves into invisibility.

Rio: I'm going green now because it's my favourite colour and I'm an eco warrior princess. I don't think I'd call your behaviours OCD. For all you know there are lasers coming out of the corners of rooms. It could be a reasonable precaution to step over them. In fact, maybe that's what causes leg cancer. On the skin picking, I already do it in covered areas , i.e. the backs of my shoulders. It was the fact that in Black Swan, Natalie Portman's character starts picking and scratching at the back of her shoulder when she's under stress and this is portrayed as being a bit mad in the film, that made me look up skin picking on the net. I found that people think it's a mental issue. That's shite. A good skin pick is a reasonable way to enjoy yourself. If you destroy your face, that's what Touche Eclat was invented for. I'm not going for full nudity anyway. Lads mags maybe, they airbrush everyone to death anyway. No worries there. I'd rather be famous for my intelligence though Tippi. My beauty is secondary. I am hot though. Maybe I could do the Playboy spread, oh no, how about we do a double Rio Ramone/Tippi Fontaine centrefold. They like that faux lezzer stuff, the men. Then, I'll give my share of the money to some Anarcho Feminist Group.

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