Friday, 27 May 2011

EU Officials Commend Ireland on Its Maturity in Hosting Spanish Revolution

Rio: On Saturday 28th May at 2.00pm at the Spire on O'Connell Street, Dublin, Ireland, there will be a Spanish Revolution. EU officials issued a hurried statement commending Ireland on its Maturity and forebearance. "While Ireland hosts someone else's revolution, it keeps the numbers in the originating country, in this case, Spain, that little bit smaller.
It really is remarkable how Mature Ireland has become. In the past couple of weeks the people of Ireland have displayed this New Maturity while their streets were cleared of natives while the Queen of England went on a shopping spree, buying up whatever public property caught her fancy. They showed this New Maturity when they allowed 25 million of their euros to be spent keeping her alive in Ireland.  Barack Obama brought a lot of his own security so he was cheaper and of course, he is Irish, so no need for too much security there. However, giving Moneygall amd all its residents to the President did, again, show this amazing New Maturity. Throughout the past 18 months the Irish have been nothing but Mature, when they were told to take an 85 billion euro loan at an exorbitant interest rate to save the real Europeans from having to pay for their gambles, they didn't bat an eyelid. Now, these Spanish savages are at it again. (Europe begins in the Pyrenees, you know.) We are going to simply charge these Spicks rent for their Irish Spanish revolution, as Jean Claude Trichet owns O' Connell Street since 2009. The Irish taxpayer will be Mature enough to provide Garda security for the event. Another win-win situation for Real Europe. Back in Spain we'll be having Taoiseach Enda Kenny rolling out the Eat Cock Live Free scheme and if we don't make some progress with subduing them that way, (although, we've all seen the Almodovar films and Jamon Jamon. They do love the cock in Spain! It'll be their undoing) we will be sending in a Pan European Army"

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