Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Fame, Obama, The Queen and Us.

Rio: What did you get out of last week's Queen visit Tippi? I'm just worried we didn't capitalise fully. We did our level best. We were seen in all the best places, we were travelling with the Queen and Mr Queen, she signed her name in shite on my bathroom wall. So, what went wrong? This whole thing is our fame odyssey. Our climb to our rightful place, on the red carpet, at the gala dinners, in the Louboutins.
 We had the perfect opportunity, we were handed the Queen on a plate and yet we're still not famous! What the feck's going on? We're beautiful beyond description, clever beyond brainiac. It's so unfair. Then came Obama and we had our plans. You know I'm hard of heart when it comes to these famous types. I see them only as pawns in my fame game. I was prepared to use him as a sexual plaything, as a presidential stepping stone to fame. I was ready to skin that Michelle one if necessary. What I wasn't prepared for was the fact that he hypnotises people. I'm in love with him. Now, he's gone. I miss him. Did you see his eyes?  Now, we're left like Jedward, the rightful winners but losers, all the same. But did you see his teeth? Is feidir linn!


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