Tippi & Rio have been mostly listening to.....

In reverse order:


Tippi: Rio, it's time to crack open that magnum of Pink Lady!

Tippi: MMMMMmmmmmmarshmallowy

Tippi: Hawks and ponchos... in space... CLASS!

Tippi: Some film of me playing the piano. I'm dead good. You should hear my version of 'The Entertainer'...

Tippi: I just lost my whole afternoon...

Tippi: http://soundcloud.com/seed-records/hot-doctor-the-dagger-brothers Tippi: MORNIN!
Tippi: This is good and Nick Luscombe has the nicest voice...smood as a bubbas bumbum :)
Tippi: I am braced for the slaggin Rio, bring it on! ;)

Convextion: Oil on Metal by time_to_express
Rio: I'm listening to this right now. I used to be in a band with John called Acid Bath And Clark Gable. We didn't achieve must success. That was back in the Conservatory of Claves Tippi, do you remember? We were a bit more punk than this but that may have been only becuase we couldn't play any instruments http://www.myspace.com/johndevlinandtherevolvers Rio: The view from the top deck of the 46A into Tippi's flat, while we danced to this, must have been delightful
Ahhh the days, those endless days...
Lovely, she's mental.

Rio: Like the claves Tippi. Those were the days in the Conservatory a bottle of Pink Lady between the knees and the claves in our hands! Anyway, here's the Native Hipsters. Class.

Rio: I'm currently listening to Lyric FM. I haven't a clue what it is but it keeps me docile.