Monday, 30 May 2011

Am I Trippin' Tippi?

Rio: Tell me Tippi, if I told you this story years ago, would you think I was mental or recounting a straight to video crap American film?
There's this man and his family are well off enough, his father's a successful lawyer. He gets well educated as a lawyer and economist and he makes a pile out of commercial law. He marries money a few times too. He's French, this character and has the nickname later in life of "the seducer". (I swear).
He is a lifelong member of the Socialist Party in France. He ends up being the French Finance Minister for a few years. Then he gets the job as MD of the IMF with the support of the Conservative French President? That's where it got quite weird for me. A Socialist being MD of the IMF? With the support of a Conservative? Years later he's doing whatever slashing and destruction comes with the job, then he's being tipped to re enter French politics as the only credible Socialist candidate for the French Presidency. The only one who has a chance against the Conservative President. Again, the Socialist Party supporting the current head of the IMF for the Presidency??? Suddenly, all issues surrounding all of this are gone because the IMF MD Socialist is arrested for the Sexual Assault, Attempted Rape and False Imprisonent of a young African woman who was working as a chambermaid in the hotel in which he was staying. The story gets even worse, she's a widowed 32 year old woman with a teenage daughter, who sought and was given asylum in the US. Naturally, his job is over at the IMF and all chance of being a Presidential candidate is gone too, whether he did or didn't do this. The crimes of which he is accused are horrible. If guilty, he's a violent scumbag. and, it wouldn't be the first time a man had too much power and money and thought that entitled him to do what he liked to whomever he liked. It doesn't stop there though, Tippi. After he resigns, there's lots of talk about who'll take over at the IMF. The front runner comes out quickly and lo, it's the current Conservative Finance Minister!!! And no one says, hold on here a second you bunch of filthy animals, what the fuck's going on here? Then, the Irish Finance Minister, knowing that Ireland is being ridden to hell by the IMF and (our friends), the EU, never blinks when he gives his support, and thereby our support to the French Finance Minister's candidacy. Now, I don't know what they are all at but one thing I do know is the Guinean chambermaid is going to get used and abused whether or not she was already sexually assaulted. And we, the people, are just sitting here like lemons while these filthy animals are running our lives. Now, I ask you Tippi, is this real or am I trippin'?


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