Tuesday, 7 June 2011

EU Emergency E.Coli Meeting- "We've got To Blame Spain"

Rio: An emergency meeting of EU Food and Agriculture Ministers is taking place tonight in Berlin, in an effort to find a way to blame Spain again for the E.Coli outbreak which has now killed 23 people and sickened many others. The German Minister, speaking outside just ahead of the meeting, spat,
"We did an excellent job in pinpointing the exact source of the E.Coli infection, right to particular cucumbers from a particular green house in Almeria in Spain. For your records, that's S-P-A-I-N.
 For your records, that's F-I-L-T-H-Y  S-P-A-I-N. We had to apologise though because we made a mistake, the FILTHY CUCUMBERS FROM SPAIN, weren't to blame. Unfortunately, the world's media has focused since on the fact that every single infected person either lives in Germany or has just visited Germany. That's a dreadful error because that makes it appear that the source of the infection is in Germany and not SPAIN. When in fact, we may never know where the infection came from. Not a clue do we have. It could be from anywhere. Greece perhaps? We're going to thrash this out tonight and we should be able to pinpoint the exact source in SPAIN, excuse me, a slip of the tongue there, wherever that might be, by the morning."

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