Monday, 18 July 2011

Tony Blair : "I'm disgusted at all this News International Stuff"

Rio: Tony Blair, recently returned from the Vatican, where he was being fitted for outfits for his upcoming international role as Pope, claimed today that he is outraged at the revelations of the activities of the News International Group.
 He snorted line after line, while self flagellating and was clearly in distress as he spoke of the debacle that has now caused the resignations of two of the UK's top policemen and is threatening to bring down the current British government.

He raged, " It's disgusting, grotesque...I frankly don't have enough words to describe the hideousness of this whole thing. The Prime Minister and the top brass in the police force give top jobs to New International executives, editors and deputy editors and then the Prime Minister goes on country breaks with James Murdoch and Rebekah Brooks. They are all parading around the countryside on their horses, being all posh and cool while News International is given carte blanche to abuse and defame and invade the privacy of the citizens of this country!! It's disgusting.

Tony Blair Lets Rip
It's the injustice of all of this that gets me. No one but no one sucked up more to Rupert Murdoch more than I. I had a cat flap inserted into the front door on Downing Street, so that he could easily manifest in front of me whenever he liked, without having to go to the trouble of walking through walls. I told him, 'Do what you like luvvie, fuck over what ever Joe Soap you choose any old time baby. Just say nice stuff about me and let me do my Holy War stuff. So, he stuck to that part of it but what in the name of God has that jumped up Cameron shit got that I don't? Not once, I swear by almighty God, not once, was I invited for a weekend of riding with Rebekah and James. It's just so unfair. They all must resign now. When I take up my new post as Pontiff, I will be excommunicating all them immediately. Sly bastards!"

Blair Trying Out Pope Uniform

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