Friday, 8 July 2011

Irish Voters Shock: Politician Didn't Do What He Promised

Rio: Irish voters in the Counties of Roscommon and Sligo are said to be reeling from a shocking incident this week.
"We wanted our emergency services to stay in the County hospital.
That fella promised, before the election, that if we voted for him, he'd make everything alright but then he didn't do that. He voted with the government and against us. I've never heard of anything like it in me life", a concerned Rosocommon resident said.
Angry Roscommon Voter Today

"Nothing like this has ever happened us before. It's unheard of in the known universe, that a Fine Gael politician would promise us one thing, that Cancer Services would stay in Sligo, and then do the opposite once we voted for him. We're going to get him good though. Ooh, wait'll you see. We're going to wait 5 years, until the next election, then we're going to, get this, not vote for him. We're going to vote for a different Fine Gael candidate altogether. Or  even a Fiana Fail fella. Now, if this Fine Gael fella says sorry and promises faithfully that he'll get the services back and he gets me planning permission for a pole dancing barn out the back of me house, I'll consider giving him me number one. Other than that, he's out. That's democracy.That'll show them!", a livid Sligo person said.

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