Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Rebekah Brooks Re-Arrested, Special Requests In Custody

Rio:  Rupert Murdoch's pet Rottweiler, Rebekah Brooks was shocked yesterday to be re-arrested while on bail.

Rebekah Scouting For Victims Yesterday

She's being held at a luxury spa facility in the Cotswolds. Rupert Murdoch has asked what extras she would like flown in to help her through her time at the 5 Star establishment. Rebekah is a well known kick-boxing enthusiast and was disappointed to find that the spa's facilities did not cater for her training regime. She has demanded a punch bag for her boudoir. Rupert Murdoch had Ross Kemp flown in to take up the role, this afternoon. 
Ross Kemp Preparing For His Meeting With Rebekah Today

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