Friday, 1 July 2011

French Socialist Party:Dominique Strauss Kahn Is Beautiful Non-Rapist Socialist

Rio: Martine Aubry, potential French Socialist Party presidential candidate today announced the joy of the French Socialist Party at the news that the prosecution case against Dominique Strauss Kahn is falling apart,
"I wish to express the gaiety that is being felt by the members of my party in France.
There are a number of possible conclusions to be drawn here. Perhaps, my very besto, DSK, being at once the very best socialist in the world and one of the very richest promoters of capitalist free market economics in Europe, was set up. Perhaps, a drug dealing money laundering Guinean crack whore was hired by enemies of the best socialist in the world, such as everyone on the board of the IMF and Nicolas Sarkozy, to lie about him. He's a lamb, an excellent very rich socialist lamb, not a rapist. Perhaps, on the other hand, this Guinean maid, was so bowled over by DSK's manliness and super suaveness that instead of dusting the mirrors, she dropped to her knees and begged to suck his beautiful French Socialist 62 year old cock. Then, when he rejected her pleas for marriage, she, angered, turned on him and lied that he had forced her into this act. My goodness, it wouldn't be the first time some foolish woman did this to beautiful, peaceful, DSK. Now, that the truth is coming out, with the help of some other rich French Socialists, who are very good at finding things out about Guinean chambermaids who cry rape, we can all get back to normal. I mean, we all know that it would be impossible for a poor woman who may have laundered money to actually be raped. She simply could not have been raped. We know that Dominique practically ran from the hotel and forced his way onto the first plane leaving New York and that he tried to claim diplomatic immunity when the arresting officers came for him at the airport but that was because he was very, very busy and very late for getting back to France to be a Socialist there. Now, that he is going to be on his way back to France, we know that he will be a Kingmaker, whoever he gives the nod to, will be the Socialist Party Presidential candidate and most likely, the next President of France. Being a Kingmaker is very Socialist. It's the New Socialism. It's Real Democracy in action when the former head of the IMF, accused of the rape of a chambermaid, decides, unilaterally, the next President of France. Vive La France!

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