Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Breaking News: CIA Checks PornCrabCombo

Rio :Evidence has emerged this week that the CIA has joined the many millions, worldwide, who are using PornCrabCombo as their primary source of information and news.

The Shocking Truth:CIA Information Gathering
PornCrabCombo's Head Of News and Shoes, Tippi Fontaine, speaking from PornCrabCombo Towers today said, "We know that 99% of the world's population reads PornCrabCombo but we didn't think the CIA was really part of our demographic. We were just checking some stats on Sitemeter, our visitor tracking system, last week, when we noticed a visitor from Herndon Virginia, USA. This caught our eye because of the location. We looked into the details of the visit to find that the IP Address was in the Central Intelligence Agency. We're delighted to see that the CIA finds our news service worthwhile. PornCrabCombo has won many accolades and international newsy awards for its newsiness but to find that the CIA, an organisation that normally just makes up its own news, is searching PornCrabCombo for information is really better than we ever expected."
Head of Encyclopedic Technics at PornCrabCombo, Rio Ramone, said today, "I'm so proud that a staff member in the CIA, when looking for information regarding whether his,( or her), boss, Michael Morell, drinks or not, researched a piece I had written for PornCrabCombo. The CIA knows everything and has masses of information about tons of important things in files all over the place, in offices and secret locations. However, even the CIA needs assistance sometimes. This CIA staff member clearly needed to know whether, acting head of the CIA, Michael Morell, drinks or not. PornCrabCombo could provide that information, quickly and easily. PornCrabCombo is the Wikipedia of the internet except it's called something else and the PornCrabs are way more cleverer than anyone on Wikipedia. And we're really beautiful and such"
A spokesperson for the CIA, commenting on the surprising news that the CIA is openly using PornCrabCombo for information gathering said, "We love PornCrabCombo. We do secret stuff, secretly, like spying, brainwashing, torturing and killing people but when we're just doing legitimate research, which, admittedly, isn't very often, we openly use PornCrabCombo every time. Those gals get to the truth.We make up shit all the time and pretend that's news but PornCrabCombo brings the real news to the world. They're fab."        

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