Friday, 18 November 2011

Enda Kenny Fury: Paedo Priests Leaked Budget Info To Germans

Rio: Taoiseach Enda Kenny is furious again. Aspects of the Irish 2012 budget were discussed, publicly in the German parliament, many weeks before the budgetary details will be made available to the Irish parliament. In a speech, which is already being hailed as his Second Great Paedo Deflection Speech, in the Dail today, Mr Kenny expressed his anger.
Enda Fingers Angela Merkel Yesterday
 "This is an affront to Irish sovereignty. This is an attempt to interfere in a sovereign nation's legal and political affairs. I have had a report drawn up by the Head of AIB Capital Markets and this proves, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that paedophile priests were behind this attempted derailment of the policies and procedures of this sovereign nation. We have irrefutable evidence that they were attempting to overthrow our sovereign government, not 70 years ago, but last week. They stole the details and handed them to these unsuspecting German politicians. Thereby, trying to suggest that somehow, we, the Irish government have no legitimacy and are merely here to enjoy the gravy train and get the pension, while neo-liberal Eurocrats are actually running the show and riding our people to hell. Nothing could be further from the truth. This is not the work of our EU and German friends. They are very great friends of ours. Indeed, the German politicians including Ireland's greatest friend, Angela Merkel, were not to blame in any way. The culprits lie in that highly influential political and financial powerhouse, the Vatican.  I am very furious with them and I'm not afraid to stand up to that great and powerful figure, the Pope. I say again, yiz have to stop the child raping. I've made it illegal. I assume that will end any speculation and further discussion of the matter. I'm furious." 

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