Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Arab League Lends Voice To Calls For President To Go

 Rio: The Arab League has lent its voice to the call of millions around the world, telling the President and the Government that it's time for real change.
A President Today

In a brief statement, issued this morning, citing the violent suppression of dissent amongst the populace, the silencing of those calling for Real Democracy and the complete ban on media access, the Arab League said, "We believe that the President and government have no legitimacy. They have lost the support of the people. We are unable to verify, fully, how much violence has been perpetrated against civilians by state forces as those forces are, currently, enforcing a ban on access by the media, to the areas where dissent is most public. We see the denial of civil and human rights to the civilian population and the state enforced media blackout as legitimate grounds for the removal of the President and Government and the replacement of both with a truly democratic system."
President Obamabush, in response, said, " I have no idea what those towel heads are talking about. If there's one thing we, in the very fine United States of America, know about, it's democracy. Repeat after me, 'We are Free. We are Free.' Read my lips; there is nothing happening in Oakland or on Wall Street, New York, this morning. Apart from good American citizens getting on with the business of making money. Let's be clear about this, if there were something, you'd all be seeing it on your televisions. You're not, so, it isn't happening. Yes We Can. Yes We Can. Oh Yes We Can."

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