Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Cllr Darren Scully : I Will Not Represent White Europeans

Rio: Cllr Darren Scully has sparked fresh controversy this morning with more news of those whom he is unwilling to represent. He stated,  in an interview aired on Kildare based, KKK radio station, this morning that he is no longer willing to represent white continental Europeans.
A White European Shows Aggression At Not Being Represented

 Mr Scully stated, "This is not racist. This is based upon my years of experience as a Councillor in Co Kildare. I have had to endure aggressive behaviour and very bad manners from these people. They block the entrance to Mc Donalds with their bodies and their brightly coloured  backpacks all summer long. They force their way to the top of the queue, in groups of 50 or more. Then, they order one Coke between the 50 of them. They shout into each others faces and block out all other sound,; a noise I can only compare to thousands of turkeys in fear of the Christmas purge. When they speak to me face to face, they have lisped so disgustingly that they spit in my face. They gesticulate wildly when trying to make one of their aggressive points and are likely to interrupt any event with either rhythmic dancing or collective singing. They stamp their feet and clap wildly at the drop of a hat. They are never seen without some noise making contraption by the name of castanets, in one hand, a bottle of sangria in the other and a tub of smelly hair oil in the other. The only decent one to ever have walked the earth, Seve Ballesteros, died earlier this year. There is no hope left. Every single white European I have met has been a menace to civil society Therefore, from now on, when a white European comes to me for assistance, I will be ignoring them and passing them on to a colleague who is better prepared for getting spat all over than I. This is not racist. I'm no spick hater." 

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