Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Kenny Supports Tallaght Hospital Overdraft: "Yiz Know It Makes Sense Lads"

Rio: Taoiseach Enda Kenny has come out in support of Tallaght Hospital in its plan to keep the hospital open by getting a multi million euro bank overdraft.
Wait a minute...Kenny Time!

Speaking to paper of record, The Evening Herald, Mr Kenny said "Tallaght is an example of a hospital transforming itself to the way we want it to be. By 2014, they expect to be where they want to be and where they know they can be. To be or not to be. BB King. CBeebies." Speaking to PornCrabCombo today, the Taoiseach reiterated his support for Tallaght Hospital in the matter of where it wants to be, "Tallaght wants to be somewhere. That's where we want it to be also. It fits with all Fine Gael's plans for where we want the Health Service to be, when a public hospital chooses to support private banking corporations through taking out expensive credit facilities. That's where we want it to be. The health service should support institutions of systemic importance, such as banks. Without banks, there would be no jobs or people or puppies or nurses on the dole. That's not where we want to be. We want to be at a point whereby, we can reduce hospital budgets to say about €1 per annum and hospitals can then just ask the banks to lend them the rest of the money. I want to be there, Tallaght Hospital wants to be there, we all want to be there, non?  As health service budgets get smaller, we need to get rid of more hospital staff and increase Health Service Debt or HSD. Increased HSD is where we want to be, it's part of the Celtic Comeback or CC. Speaking of CC's, that's also where we want to be. The Mater Hospital yesterday paid the staff of the National Cardiac Surgery Unit on the Visa. Now that's a great idea! Crumlin Children's Hospital bought jacks roll with an AMEX card last week. No money? Use plastic. Supports the oil industry that way as well. We are all one. We all support each other. Sick kids can support credit card companies and they can provide poorly paid jobs to people in India. Kerry Group Kerry Group Kerry Group. Let go and let be."

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