Monday, 22 August 2011

Shock: Fine Gael Supports PornCrabCombo

Rio: PornCrabCombo was surprised to discover, today, that Fine Gael loves PornCrabCombo. A PornCrabCombo friend alerted us to the fact that she had posted some PornCrabCombo blogs on the Fine Gael Brussels Branch and UCD Young Fine Gael FB walls.
"I just thought they'd be interested in seeing the Fine Gael related news", the friend said. It seems they were interested as they've left these posts on their walls for several days.
Fine Gael Brussels Branch FB Wall In Support Of The 'Eat Cock, Live Free Program'

The Fine Gael Brussels Branch spokesperson, Clueless O' Arselick, when asked for a comment said, "This is great publicity for us. We're at the centre of Europe here. Our friends in the EU really respect us and when they see how the Irish people really respect us and our campaigns, such as the 'Eat Cock, Live Free Program', they'll see, for sure, how we, Fine Gael and, by extension, the Irish people, are at the centre of Europe. This is marvellous. Thanks PornCrab"
UCD Fine Gael Know What Side Their Future Bread Is Buttered On

UCD Young Fine Gael were even more enthusiastic, their spokesperson, Chinless McSpineless, said "We're only starting out on our Fine Gael journey. We're students and we're the UCD Fine Gael branch, so we know we need all the good publicity we can get. We're delighted to host, on our Facebook page, these amazing PornCrabCombo posts. These guys really are clued in to what's going on. They even make us look cool. No mean feat! Thanks PornCrab!"

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